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WWW – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


This weeks Wonder Woman Wednesday gives another W to the title: Wise. She has me fired up and I’m ready to make changes.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a self proclaimed story teller from Nigeria. She has published multiple books and earned many awards for her writing. I have not read any of her books, although they are on my list of books to read. I have heard her talks given at TED conferences. She has an amazing way with words. Her talks are those of empowerment and understanding. Her “We Should All Be Feminists” talk appeared in Beyonce’s “Flawless” song, which is honestly how I first came to hear about Chimamanda. After listening to her TED talks I am a life long fan.

Listen to her two talks below!




Her talk, “We Should all be Feminists” is a talk for all people, men, women, and children. Her take on what it means to be a feminist is perfect. I am so happy to hear her speak of the negative connotations that we give the word “feminist” and I hope her talk will give new meaning to the word. This talk is focused on women in Nigeria but it can be translated¬†to be heard all over the world. The issue of equality for women is not over. Yes we have the right to vote but there are many injustices going on in our country to women and they are being ignored. Chimamanda has really fired me up and I am ready to rally the troops! Females are strong as hell! –> From “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” a Netflix series and you should watch it. It has a great feminist undertone and makes light of what is very true in America in regards to how women who are victimized are treated. I am only a couple episodes in so far.)

Anyways back to the main focus here….Listen to Chimamanda’s next talk!

“The Danger of a Single Story” is an amazing talk about race that can be applied to any stereotype we hold in our society. It is clear that we must make sure our children are raised with many stories of all people and do away with these groupings that are false. A single story is just that, a single persons story and it cannot be used as the story for an entire group of people.


Chimamanda’s talks give great insight into the way we think about people all around the world and women all around the world. I relate to both of her talks. What I love about her is that in both of her talks she is simply helping these two groups of people gain their humanity and she does so in a way that can be heard by all. All humans should be treated as humans, no one better than the other.

Listening to these two talks has impacted me greatly, especially as a young mother. I have a son and I want to make the right decisions in raising him. I want to take a conscious approach to the stories I tell him, the books I read him, and the music he listens to. I want to give him a wide variety of stories of all people. I want him to see me, a woman, as an equal to his father and men. I want to raise him to view the world in a way I wish I could view the world. My upbringing and education have given me skewed vision, as all Americans have skewed vision. It is a part of our society and we cannot get away from it easily. As an adult I can choose to wear glasses to correct the skewed vision but I know my vision is skewed. I want to give Phoenix perfect vision. I want him to see all human beings as simply human beings. I hope I can help him drop the stereotypes and labels. I want to teach him that a human being, female, male, black, white, or brown is capable of anything they set their minds to. That these labels and groupings mean nothing.


A few days ago I caught myself joking with Phoenix (who is almost 4 months old) about how girls are “icky.” Icky?¬†I wished I could slurp back in that statement. Why did I say that, as if I am not a girl?¬†Why do we teach our children to dislike the opposite sex, that fraternizing with the opposite sex is bad and somehow makes us bad? This is more true for girls than boys but they both grow up with the same¬†message. Boys and girls are very different and not equal. I knew growing up, that if I got caught hanging out with a boy that I would be in trouble. I never questioned why. I just knew I would be in trouble. I would be guilty of doing something bad by being in the presence of a male. Isn’t this interesting? ¬†What if children grew up not being kept separate from the opposite sex, not being told that girls or boys are icky? Instead of assuming males have bad intentions for our daughters why not teach our daughters that men are respectable and kind. Teach women that this is what to expect from men instead of fearing men.

Ultimately I want to raise my little human to grow up and be a kind human. A human who pursues his passions regardless of what society says he should be pursing and who lifts those up around him regardless of their label. I believe firmly that the two ways to most impact our world are by our individual  actions and how we raise our children. I will be sure to lead by my actions and raise my children to the best of my ability so as to have the greatest positive impact on the world.

I am so grateful for this woman’s words and the line of thoughts she has led me to. I am excited to see what she does next! Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie you are a Wonder Woman and I appreciate you!



Haley Anne