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hey sweet loves, We got home late Saturday night from Florida and got settled back in yesterday. 10 days away from home is a long […]

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hi dolls, I just finished writing a piece for an online magazine. They asked me to write about my experience living in the mountains etc. […]

Social Media Isn’t Ruining Your Life.


Recently I have seen a lot of very well written posts on how social media is ruining our humanity. I have also found myself comparing my pictures on social media, blog posts, and Instagram followers to others. Both got me thinking.

I still believe in humanity. I think that social media has its downfalls, but if used positively our technology has the capacity to send us, humanity, into the greatest age of existence.

My journey in social media and the ability to express myself in a very public way has been a spiritual journey. With so many options and so many people to watch and admire on the internet, I was forced to make a more conscious decision on who I want to be, how I want to be perceived, and what I want to spend my life doing.

An Instagram account is not just an accumulation of pictures, it is an accumulation of experiences and a presentation of the life you lived, if you choose it to be that. I decided that I want my social media to represent my life, because I think my life makes a difference to someone, somewhere.

Social media and the internet allow us to connect to people, cultures, events, and styles that otherwise we may have never been exposed to. It allows us to truly fine tune who we want to be. I owe much of my own style and culture to social media. Observing others, sifting through contrast, deciding what I like and what I don’t like. It’s been fun for me.

I realize it is important to note that, while social media is a great gift, it can also be a burden for someone who is not secure in who they are. It can be used for comparison and judgement. But that is a personal choice. You can choose to allow jealousy and judgement take over your social media life or you can choose to admire and send love to every person who takes beautiful Instagram photos or who has the most witty twitter accounts.

Social media is important because there is only one you. There will never be another Instagram account like the one you make, with your unique perspective and life experiences. Today is the first time in our history that every person has the capacity to express themselves in a public way. I can write anything and a potential million people could see it. That is an amazing power.

As far as the dating game, stop being so negative! Yes we all have so many options today due to the internet, but isn’t that exciting!? You have the option to find that perfect person for you and it is easier than ever! We are no longer confined to space and time to find our soul mates. When you do find the one, you won’t be worried about if that person deleted their tinder account or if they are still friends with their ex on Facebook, because you will both know that while we have the ability to connect with millions of people all over the world there is still no better experience than the experience of a first real date, a real hug and kiss, holding hands, laughing, and loving in person. As long as we still have physical bodies the physical experience is still the most sought after.

I have to be honest, when I see these negative posts about how the internet and technology are ruining us, I think: Wow, that thought alone is sad. How spoiled have we become that we think the internet and social media isn’t the greatest thing ever!? I live 13 hours away from my parents and I can send them pictures and keep them all updated with my life and Phoenix with the click of a button. That is AMAZING!

I don’t want to hear how social media is ruining our humanity, love life, marriages, or friendships. If your relationships are falling apart, I promise you that social media is not the cause, but simply a symptom of a bigger issue. Take responsibility for your life and don’t be a victim to technology. Embrace it, use it, and love it! Create, express, and send love.


Haley Anne