Hi dolls, I have been working on my Goddess Garden every free moment I get. I am firery about it. Becoming a mother tapped me […]


hey sweet loves, We got home late Saturday night from Florida and got settled back in yesterday. 10 days away from home is a long […]

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Hi Yall 😉   Man does it feel good to have that story done and published! (If you haven’t read it yet you can click here […]



Hi Lovers, Nothing too exciting to report. Just writing to say hello. Also sometimes I just need to write to clear my thoughts. My mind […]

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hi dolls, I just finished writing a piece for an online magazine. They asked me to write about my experience living in the mountains etc. […]


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Good Morning Darling Dears,

It’s 4:30am for me right now and I can’t sleep. Mostly because Phoenix woke up looking for his pacifier and I couldn’t find it so I had to get out of bed and get break into our secret stash of pacifiers so he would go back to sleep.

He went back to bed and Mama was up for the day. I can’t stop dreaming about our RV adventure. All I can think about is the camper we will find and the fun ways to make it cozy and sweet inside. I love mornings when you’re too excited to sleep so you get up super early. This morning I am filled with passion and fire to create.

Mostly I am just excited so I want to talk about it all for myself….so if I go in circles sorry ha. DID I MENTION I AM EXCITED?!

Knowing that in 5 months we will start this trip has me weighing pros and cons. SO SO SO many more pros of a trip like this but the cons do creep in there and so I like to have a plan if thos cons do decide to show up on our trip.

Having a baby and doing this seems totally crazy to me. I have never heard (I am sure there are) of anyone doing this with a baby. Obviously Phoenix comes first to Trav and I. When I first told Trav about this idea I at first felt really selfish because there is no way this would work with a baby and would it even be good for a kid?

I started thinking about it and I have decided that yes, it will be an amazing experience for a kid, even as young as Phoenix. He may not remember it all but it won’t be the only trip like that we ever take. Trav and I plan on traveling much more than just the U.S. This is the best way I can think of to truly prepare us as a family for it.

I have never travelled outside of the U.S. but the traveling I have done around the U.S. with Trav has taught me so so much. Things you can only learn through traveling. It pushes your comfort zone and add another human in the mix……it can be frustrating.

Now when I say traveling I don’t mean vacationing. There is a difference. To me traveling is winging it. Not knowing where you will stay that night or eat your next meal. This is the best kind of traveling I think. It allows for so much magic. But there will also be times when the gas light is on and you can’t see a single form of human life in any direction. But somehow right as you get to the horizon there is a tiny little gas station that almost appeared by magic. If you fly to a resort only so much magic can happen.

I am not in any way claiming to be a seasoned traveller because I am not. But when I do get to travel I learn so much. It is the best relationship tester, other than having a baby 😉 Every trip Trav and I take we learn new things about each other. I can’t imagine what we will be like after a year of traveling. It gives me butterflies to think about. How much Phoenix will grow in that year!?

Another reason I want to do this trip is to experience the good. I want to see all the good people that inhabit my country. Recently due to the political campaigns we see so much hate. I don’t even have TV and it still finds its way through social media etc. The news can make you feel scared to leave your house. I want to get out there and explore our country and see how good and safe and wonderful it is. I want to restore my faith in humanity. I still believe most people are good, kind, and loving.

The FREEDOM, oh the freedom. Going somewhere new every couple of days. Beachin it, hiking, getting the low down on the best local food. The pictures I will take?!

Dreams are coming true here. How cool to have a dream and then watch it come true? Now that is living. I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I found the man of my dreams on accident, had a beautiful baby boy on accident, made an incredible life of freedom totally on accident. No plans were made.

I am excited to see how “plans” work out for Trav and I. It’s not really our style lol….ok well I try to plan all the time because I think it’s fun. Trav is freaked out by plans. Yin Yang. It works for us.

I will say that I have been dreaming of this kind of freedom since I was 22. I got dumped very unexpectedly by my boyfriend AND my roommate/childhood bestie also said peace that same day. It was April fools day. I will never forget that day. It totally changed my life. It was one of those “WTF is happening?!” days. All my “plans” went to total shit. On that day I decided I wanted way way more than a life in Lincoln, NE.

I started to feel into what I really wanted. What HALEY really wanted. I found meditation. I found out most of my life was filled with things that other people wanted. None of it was actually what Haley wanted. So I moved to Colorado to find out what it was that Haley really wanted.

The day I “thought” I was pregnant but the test said I wasn’t (lol good job test), Trav and I went for a run and we talked and I told him the real Haley has all these weird gypsy dreams of traveling and exploring and I didn’t want to settle down yet. Thank God having a baby doesn’t mean you HAVE to settle down.

I have a gypsy soul and I think I might forever be roaming. But what is so wrong with that? Nothing. Me and my little gypsy fam will see you around. 😉


Love and Light


Haley Anne