Hi dolls, I have been working on my Goddess Garden every free moment I get. I am firery about it. Becoming a mother tapped me […]


hey sweet loves, We got home late Saturday night from Florida and got settled back in yesterday. 10 days away from home is a long […]

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Hi Yall 😉   Man does it feel good to have that story done and published! (If you haven’t read it yet you can click here […]



Hi Lovers, Nothing too exciting to report. Just writing to say hello. Also sometimes I just need to write to clear my thoughts. My mind […]

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hi dolls, I just finished writing a piece for an online magazine. They asked me to write about my experience living in the mountains etc. […]


Hiiiiii 🙂

I am still in South Dakota….haha.

I just wanted to update everyone on my happenings because I haven’t been able to record another yoga video. Mostly it is just a mental block but being out of my element and my normal routine basically makes me completely non-productive.

Well thats not completely true. I have been working on our wedding website and trying to figure out how to set up a honeymoon fund that people can give gifts to. I have always dreamt of going on a sunny, beachy, honeymoon. So thats what Trav and I are asking for instead of any gifts. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we get one!

I have also been doing alot of reflecting. Something about coming “home” kind of forces you back to the old self you were before you ever left home. I don’t mean that when I visit home I turn into an 18 year old but I kind of do.

The last few years of my life I have made some pretty big changes in my life. Visiting home is a very poignant reminder of who you used to be. And who I used to be isn’t exactly someone I am proud of. I have noticed the past few days that I just feel like a blank slate, empty, totally unsure of who I am, what I want, what I like, I can’t even pick out my clothes confidently. I know this is temporary, but it is odd. I remember feeling like this in high school, but not having the self awareness to see it or understand it.

This might sound totally crazy to you guys but this post is once again just my own therapy.

Trav talks about setting frames all the time. As in you set a frame for how you will and will not be treated, things you will and will not do, eat, say, listen to. I am just learning how to set my own frames. The funny part of this whole thing is that my family has been super great about having food that we eat around and has totally accepted our lifestyle, the problem lies within. My brain.

My thinker just won’t shut up.

I figured writing it all out might help. We will see.

Now I am going to meditate and see how that helps also.

I will have yoga classes back up and running when I get home after Thanksgiving. Sorry for the delay. I am really excited about everything I have panned for you guys. You should be too! 🙂



Haley Anne