Hi dolls, I have been working on my Goddess Garden every free moment I get. I am firery about it. Becoming a mother tapped me […]


hey sweet loves, We got home late Saturday night from Florida and got settled back in yesterday. 10 days away from home is a long […]

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Hi Yall 😉   Man does it feel good to have that story done and published! (If you haven’t read it yet you can click here […]



Hi Lovers, Nothing too exciting to report. Just writing to say hello. Also sometimes I just need to write to clear my thoughts. My mind […]

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hi dolls, I just finished writing a piece for an online magazine. They asked me to write about my experience living in the mountains etc. […]



Hi hi hi hi 🙂

I am feeling like a little kid right before Christmas.

My mother in law is coming tomorrow to relieve Trav and I for a little getaway together! It has been a couple months since Trav and I got to be alone and man could we use a date night. I really need to just pony up and find a good babysitter for Nix too so we can have more frequent date nights instead of waiting until family visits.

We are going to Moab to see the arches and I am literally too excited. I have been day dreaming about it for a while now. We are going to camp in our jeep and just make it really simple. I hope to get some out door yoga in and maybe record a class in the arches…..we will have to see how warm or cold it is.

Living in Colorado is so amazing. We are only a day trip away from so many incredible places. I am really getting my adventurous side some time to play and man it is really vamping up.

I always knew there was a crazy adventuring gypsy inside me somewhere but I never got to really let her out. Then I moved to Colorado and met Trav, and man, I don’t think that adventuring gypsy is ever going to go back inside now. The more I explore and adventure the more I want it. The more freedom Trav and I have the more freedom I want. I have a never quenching thirst for new places and new faces.

Before, I never let myself entertain that gypsy inside because I thought she was ridiculous. Then I met Trav and he kinda blew the doors off. I have been a crazy adventuring gypsy ever since and I don’t ever want to go back.

I remember having a conversation with Trav right before we found out I was pregnant. I was late so I knew it was a possibility and I told Trav. I was terrified and I told him I just wasn’t ready. I said that the “real Haley” still hadn’t really come out yet. That I had so many things I wanted to do before I had kids. It was the first time I had ever really talked about myself in the third person haha. Also it was the first time I had ever talked about that part of me. It was really freeing to tell someone who I really was and what I really wanted.  The midwestern girl who had never eaten indian food or gotten her passport was coming out of the closet. I tried to get him to pack up his stuff and hit the road right then and there. He assured me everything would be fine and we would still get to do all the things we wanted to do, but we didn’t need to run away.

He was right. He usually is.

I was pregnant and we now have a baby and it is awesome. I know we will do all the things we want to do. We just have to pack up little man and bring him with, and we do. It is alot more work, but worth it. We have less freedom in the sense that it is harder to do the things we want to do now but not impossible.

We still go on our long hikes, we still take road trips, we still eat out (well not right now because Nix is just crazy haha), we still go camping, we still go to red rocks concerts, we still explore. I used to pack up my pump and bottles so we could go camping while I was breastfeeding. Looking back I don’t know what I was thinking haha. It was so much work, but we weren’t willing to just sit around because it was easier.

This last year has sealed the deal for me. We will always be exploring and adventurous. My fears of what having a kid would do to my life were completely wrong and in fact opposite. Having Phoenix did not take a single adventurous moment away from me, he added them. He added so so many. You think camping is fun? Well add a 6 month old and then talk to me. Everything is more fun with Nix. More work, but more fun. I truly love how tired I am at the end of each day because it tells me I am living to my fullest.

Trav and I have less alone time, but we still spend a lot of time together. And now our alone time that we do get is just that much sweeter. I cherish moments alone with Trav and really appreciate what it means to have a partner in life.

Our days and nights are long right now, but they are full. I laugh and smile more than I ever have. If you want a real adventure….have a baby….haha 😉

The adventuring gypsy is still here and well, she just has a baby on her hip now.



Haley Anne

Mother Loving Yogi